Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Name for Metal Roofing

There is a VAST variety of metal roofing materials and colors to consider if you're planning to add a metal roof to your home, and it lasts MUCH longer than traditional roofing materials. Perhaps the only reason you're hesitating is the name: Metal Roofing.  It probably brings to mind long slabs of primary colored metal bolted to your roof.  No!  Get rid of that image.  Today's metal roofing is as far away from that as a Model-T is from a 2011 Indy Car.  First big change is color.  The rich, intense, deep, modern colors of metal roofing make it an enhancement to your home's architecture.  Then there's the material.  Just as modern cars don't rust like the Model-T did, neither do metal roofs.  They are the result of an engineered, researched process designed to combat the elements and time. 

So what's a good name for metal roofing?   Perhaps "Comprehensive Roofing."  After all, a metal roof brings all the best qualities of roofing to one place.  Or perhaps it would be better with a stylish French flair, a "Metalique Roof."  Or the Spanish for roof works well all by itself, "Techo."  Either way, the idea is that "Comprehensive Metalique Techos" are not simply metal roofing.  They're your best choice in roofing today.

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