Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Choosing Roofing: A Poem

Yesterday I commented that metal roofing was like poetry.  That motivated me to write this poem...

We were in the market for some new roofing -
Our asphalt roof old, and not good looking.
Its edges were curled and its colors quite faded,
Our 20-year-old home prematurely outdated!

We made a list of what good roofing should be -
With the durability and colors we’d like to see.
Of course our wish list started quite strong -
We want color that lasts thirty years long!

We want our roofing to be energy efficient!
We want our roofing to be fire resistant!
We want a roof that’s the environment’s friend!
We want a roof that can handle high wind!

Could such a dream roof possibly exist?
We called a contractor to read him our list.
We expected a laugh, he instead said, “Okay.
Can we set an appointment for later today?”

He came to our house with samples galore,
Of colors and textures, and so much more!
“There’s only one roof that I suggest choosing,
The do it all roof – that’s metal roofing.”

We selected a color and a traditional style,
(Variety and selection beat asphalt by miles!).
As the work progressed, we were truly amazed
And stood there for hours and simply gazed.

Our home transformed from old to new,
From outdated and faded to a wonderful view.
Metal roofing is truly the new tried and true.
We’re so glad we chose it.  Metal roofing, thank you!

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