Monday, August 8, 2011

Metal vs. Asphalt?

ASPHALT: Did you ever notice that when a homeowner chooses a metal roof, they decide to “upgrade.”  And the choice to stay with asphalt is a reluctant one.  The decision is usually based on cost, but the cost of asphalt roofing depends on the style.  Something in asphalt that looks good will cost more, making a metal roof more competitive.

I have algae mold growing on the roof of a building that still has an asphalt roof.  Again, asphalt that resists algae costs more. 

METAL: Metal roofs handle higher winds than asphalt.  Metal roofs weigh less than asphalt.  Metal roofs resist fire and can lower insurance premiums.  Metal roofs have a guarantee of ten to twenty years more than asphalt.  Metal roofs have style and options… no one has ever looked at an asphalt roof and thought it was anything other than asphalt.  Many people admire a metal roof and ask, "What is your roof made of?"

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