Monday, August 15, 2011

The Best First Roof is Metal

When it is time to re-roof, a homeowner will weigh the pros and cons of all roofing materials, look at their budget, and choose the best material they can afford.

Given a choice on a new home, the soon-to-be homeowner is much more likely to choose metal roofing.  The warranty alone is good reason.  Then add style, color, durability... it's a slam dunk.

Many metal roofing manufacturers are approaching architects and new home builders to choose the best first roof, metal.  Thanks to these efforts, the number of residential metal roofs is increasing.  And as more and more people have the positive experience that is metal roofing, the metal re-roofing market will expand.

Is there a residential community that now has mostly metal roofing?  Let your fellow contractors know about it.  It can become a valuable resource in closing a sale. 

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