Monday, August 15, 2011

Sell Homeowners What They Really Want

Does anyone ever just buy a car for transportation?  No.  Never.  If they have a choice, they buy the image.  Whether it's practical, smart, expensive, innovative - they are sending a message to everyone who sees them driving.  If we only bought a vehicle for transportation, we'd all be driving mopeds in the summer and trucks in the winter.

The same is true of a home's roof.  No one ever simply buys a new roof.  Appearance is a major consideration, right up there with value.  Value is the warranty is the guaranteed performance.  Guaranteed performance sells cars - in fact, many, many people PAY to extend the guaranteed performance. 

Buying a new roof follows the same thought process.  Focus on guaranteed performance.  Remind the homeowner how fast the past 15 years went by.  The next 15 won't be any different and they'll find themselves in the same position all too soon.

Side by side, feature for feature, value for value, metal roofing wins every time.  Home owners want a roof that lasts, and that's why acceptance and market penetration of metal roofing is increasing. 

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