Thursday, June 23, 2011

Agricultural Metal Buildings

Many people think of the classic metal farm building when they hear the term Metal Roofing. The buildings were originally designed to enclose a lot of space in an economical way.  But today, like all metal construction, the designs have matured and moved into all areas of commercial and residentail building projects.  The primary reason this took place is the evolution of the metal panel.  New blends of steel and aluminum, new coatings, improved paints, advanced building technologies... they all contributed to the steel building boom.  Through it all, metal roofing has led the way.  If there is a "Marines" in the industry, it's the roofing!  It takes the heat, stands up against the weather, and protects everything underneath.

The use and acceptance of metal roofing is spreading rapidly.  Consider it for your next building project.  Be part of a bright metallic future, and not an asphalt past.

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