Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I don't want to be the first on my block with metal roofing.

That can only mean you haven't seen how far the design of metal roofing has come in recent years.  Residential metal roofing isn't the long, straight, unimaginative panels you think of, with the regimented standing seams and smooth areas between them.  Today's metal roofing has style.  It can look like most any other roof you choose.  But why copy the past?  Your choices can encompass all kinds of patterns and colors and looks.  There shouldn't be ANY hesitation to be the first on your block with metal roofing.  It'll be a very short time before there are two houses on the block with metal roofing, then three, then four, then...


  1. I would almost go the other way with this post and title it "I don't want to be THE LAST person on my block without Metal Roofing". We have seen the industry grow every year in Metal Roofing, it is simply the best product on the market today for roofing products. Asphalt doesn't last and homeowners today are looking for a more permanent solution. With a lifetime warranty, lower energy bills and a break on home insurance most customers are more than happy building that kind of home equity.

  2. It's also likely that there are metal roofs in your very neighborhood that you've admired, not even knowing they're metal! Coated steel tiles and shakes are a beautiful roofing option with an array of colors, and metal roofing in general comes in more styles, materials, finishes and colors than any roofing product on the market today.